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Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency projects are a growing presence in Western Canada’s tech sector. Regulations are still in their infancy but have already touched areas of tax, securities, anti-money laundering, and cybersecurity laws.

As these technologies gain mainstream presence and adoption, we should expect the regulatory regimes to become more comprehensive, and potentially, more restrictive. Nevertheless, the prospect of future limitations to crypto, metaverse, and blockchain activities have not slowed entrepreneurial innovation nor the industry’s overall optimism for what’s to come.

Calgary Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lawyer

Cryptocurrency legal advice and services

Gusto Law has worked with businesses in developing a diversity of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects.  In recent years, crypto entrepreneurs have engaged Gusto Law on:

  • Developing cryptocurrency tokens in the marijuana sector;
  • Building a crypto education business;
  • Exploring cryptocurrency investment vehicles;
  • Reviewing white papers for Initial Coin/Token offerings and launches (ICOs, ITOs, and NFTs);
  • Preparing and negotiating the primary commercial agreements for bitcoin mining farms; and
  • Providing advice on terms of service, privacy policies, and securities-related compliance issues.

Gusto Law can provide legal guidance at all stages of these ventures, including in:

  • Business organization and structure;
  • Financing advice and assistance with raising capital;
  • Compliance and regulatory advice;
  • Protection of Intellectual Property; and
  • Review and negotiation of material agreements.

In an industry with an abundance of risk, Gusto Law can provide the legal guidance to protect your business’s interests, draft policies and agreements that mitigate risk, and build optimal, flexible business structures to adapt to evolving regulations for digital assets.

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This webpage’s content has been prepared to provide a general overview of certain legal services offered by Gusto Law, and is not intended to be an exhaustive legal analysis. It is not a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon for any particular transaction, proceeding or circumstance. The information is provided as of the date set out below, and thus the reader is cautioned that changes or developments in the law, or its interpretation, may have occurred since that time. If you are forming a new business, please seek further individual consultation with Gusto Law.

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Friendly and Helpful

I have been a client of Gus Lu for 3 years for both personal and business matters. He has been involved with share purchase agreements that required negotiating with the seller, doing the paperwork, and ensuring that things were kept on track with any necessary reminders — to both parties as I have been known to procrastinate. His polite insistence on getting what I needed to be ensured that the other parties knew that we meant business — while maintaining good relationships. I really appreciate the patience he shows when I want to understand every bit of legalese — I can count on him to clearly explain matters. Mr. Lu’s lawyerly skill at stating things in a tactful and concise manner has helped me out in many of my business communications and documents. I very much appreciate how Gus would always deal with my requests in a prompt and friendly manner. He truly made me feel cared for and supported in any dealings with him.

A. Walker

October 2021

Fast and Effective

When you need something done, Gus will get it done right and quickly.

B. Ross

September 2021

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