In today’s work-from-home environment, entrepreneurs are looking toward online business opportunities as alternative income streams, including e-commerce stores, social media marketing services, business and wellness coaching, and virtual assistant services.  Platforms like Upwork and Amazon have enabled Canadians to tap international customers, while also allowing them to take their businesses with them wherever they travel. Operating these businesses may involve tax, customs, and tariff, product liability, and immigration law considerations, as the venue and point of delivery of their goods and services becomes blurred.

Whether you are looking to start a new e-commerce business that targets international markets, or are already established and hoping to expand, Gusto Law can advise on a broad range of corporate-corporate issues, including:

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Business Formation

Many Canadian entrepreneurs form and register a U.S.-based entity to domicile their e-commerce business to comply with the registration requirements of major marketplace platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Gusto Law can help set up the chain of corporate ownership in a way that repatriates earnings in a tax-efficient manner.

Commercial Contracts

Some of the common risks involved in entering contracts where the buyer and seller are separated by borders are product liability issues, the protection of the seller’s intellectual property, and the ability to enforce claims. Several jurisdictions have their own provincial, state or federal-specific laws to consider when drafting these agreements. One precedent agreement will not be suitable in all circumstances.

Privacy Law and Data Protection Considerations

Ensure your website’s terms of use, end-user licensing agreements, and privacy policies comply with the requirements for each jurisdiction where you plan to serve customers.

Network of Tax Advisors & Lawyers Abroad

In helping different e-commerce businesses, Gusto Law has developed a trusted network of local-based talent to assist on jurisdictional-specific matters.

E-commerce businesses that Gusto Law has recently advised
  • Supporting a multi-national web development firm’s engagement of a U.S. healthcare services company in building out their CRM platform;
  • Formed a joint venture among parties based in Canada, Bangladesh, and the United States, working together to provide a comprehensive consulting service for individuals starting their own e-commerce store, from marketplace registration, research on trending products, sourcing of those products, and the provision of virtual assistant services to running all back-end processes and customer service;
  • Negotiating the services agreements for a remote property management firm helping hotel owners in Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean in promoting their properties on short-term rental sites like VRBO and Airbnb; and
  • Establishing a subscription membership service for a group of cryptocurrency education coaches.

Great opportunities exist for entrepreneurs looking to build their online businesses.  Gusto Law can help quarterback your legal issues at every stage of the process.

Gusto Law takes a flexible and transparent approach to fees for business formation, incorporation and partnership agreement-related services, offering the following arrangements:

  • Flat-rate fees: This is appropriate where the proposed business structure is not complex, and off-the-shelf precedents can be adapted to your needs with minimal modifications.
  • Ad hoc hourly rates: hire as required. This may be necessary where you need to accommodate tax considerations, particularly in the context of cross-border organizational structures.

Get legal assistance with your e-commerce business in Calgary and throughout Alberta

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This webpage’s content has been prepared to provide a general overview of legal services offered by Gusto Law and is not intended to constitute formal legal analysis. It is not a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied on for any particular transaction or circumstance. The information is provided as of the date of its preparation, and the reader is cautioned that changes in the law, or its interpretation, may occur since that time. If you are forming a new business, please seek further individual consultation with Gusto Law.

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